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The Honeymoon Hut
Shala Bell & Toby Price
Location: Mexico - Playacar Palace
Shala was working for Toby's mother at her Tag Agency and saw an old driver's license picture of Toby and a few other pictures and thought he was so handsome! A few weeks later Toby's family visited him in Houston and brough a picture of Shala. Toby saw it and thought she was beautiful! Somehow they ended up meeting on the phone and Toby's next visit to his family in Oklahoma he made a date with Shala. They endured a long distance relationship for 1 year and a half until Shala moved to Houston. Now together a total of 3 years they are ready to commit their lives tio each other!
Contact Beth Gamez at Mexico Vacations to make travel arrangements.
We are so excited to be getting married on the beach in Mexico. It's going to be beautiful and so much fun. If you can join us we would love to share the experience but if not we completely understand. Thanks so much for visiting our "site"!! We love you all so much!!